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Gibraltar Race UK Prologue 2023

Apr 07th to the 9th 2019 - Gibraltar Race UK Prologue - 3 Days - 1350km  - £295.00


3 Day Event including B & B Hotel accommodation for 3 nights based upon 2 people sharing a twin room, single occupancy available for an addition fee tbc).




GPS Navigation as the Gibraltar Race

You will never us a footpath, bridleway or private road/track on the UK event. 

You will be navigating on legal rights of way, please be aware of other users of these trails!!


The Gibraltar Race UK Prologue will be 'navigated' as the Gibraltar Race. 'Your GPS' will be loaded up with on road liaison tracks to follow & way-points to navigate the off road special stages. You will have an overall time for on the road liaisons, an overall time for the off road special stages and a total time for the day. A penalty of 1 point for every second over these times will be applied. For the UK Prologue event you will need to aim for 25mph off road & 50mph on road liaison average speed 

Pic 1.jpg.png
Pic 2.png
Pic 4.jpg

When you are following the on road liaison 3 'On 3' for example, as you get to the end of this on road liaison you will will see the start of 'Special Stage 3' SS 03 INF kms 36 / WP28. You should stop at this way point and make a not that you have 36KM & 36 Way Point on this special stage. You should also look at WP 28 as this gives you the time you have for this Special Stage

This is what you should see when you look at WP 28 on you GPS device

There are two main ways to navigate the the special stages. The first way is to make a 'Route' out of the way points that are loaded into you GPS. Once you have made a route it is always a good idea to look at the route as an overview zoomed out, to make sure that it takes in all the 'Way Points' without diverting because there is a break in the track on the map you are using. If there is a break in the track on the map you should either go into the 'Straight line navigation' feature on your GPS or zoom out & just head in the general direction of the next way point




We start this event in Thaxted, Essex on the afternoon of Thursday the 11-04-19, with some GPS navigation training & set up. This enables the riders to start the event the next day fully ready to understand & navigate the information provided by us (the same info as provided by the organisers of the Gibraltar Race).


The riders set of on Friday @ 9:00am or before, heading to Hunstanton on the North Norfolk coast via Thetford Forrest navigating with their GPS’s – 225km, mostly off road, then a twisty road liaison of around 250km to Chipping Norton.


Day two see’s the riders navigating an off road course of around 160km around Oxfordshire or Wiltshire (depending on weather) and then a twisty road liaison to the Devil’s Punchbowl, Hampshire/Surrey.


Day three is a slightly shorter 125km around Hampshire & the Surrey hills and then a final road liaison back to Thaxted to the finish.


We will be running several bikes among the riders to help out with any problems and point the riders in the right direction, there will also be a support truck carrying your overnight gear/clothes & spares. This truck will follow the route and can be called in if necessary.

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